These thresholds are used for reporting to parents and also form the basis of the system of referral to our Education Welfare Officer- Steve Gozra. These thresholds are important.  In an academic context, you might rightly consider a result of 95% to be good.  In the context of attendance, it is not. To achieve 95% attendance, a student will have missed two weeks of school.  This will have denied them access to a significant part of the curriculum in all their subjects and, unless strenuous efforts are made to cover the work missed, is likely to result in underachievement in examinations.  We, therefore, take the issue of attendance extremely seriously.


Days absent during one school year



Less than 5 days absence



Less than 10 days absence

Cause for concern


10+ days absence

Major cause for concern

Below 90%

19+ days absence

More information can be found here in our policy section of the website.