The School Day

The day at Digitech is structured to allow for core lessons, specialist subjects and social activities

The school day at Digitech is between 8:40am and 3pm.

Everyday at Digitech starts with a 20 minute tutor session. Tutor time at Digitech is an integral part of our personal development curriculum offer. You will undertake a tutor programme that explores British Values, Religion and Beliefs and Current Affairs via year group assemblies, topical debates and tutor quizzes.  

You will then study 6  x 50 minutes lessons throughout the school day with a 30 minute morning break after periods 1 and 2 and a 30 minute lunch break after periods 3 and 4. A typical school day will involve studying a combination of core lessons (English, Maths,  Science) and option subjects that you have chosen.  

During break times you can participate in a range of activities such as Table Tennis, Basketball, Radio Room, Eco Club, Art and Design as well as accessing computer suites.  You will have access to all break out spaces and seated areas within the school where you can socialise and relax.  

Although lessons finish at 3pm, many students stay to 4pm to participate in extracurricular clubs or complete further study on coursework.