Our Mission

Digitech Studio School is a unique community of learning for creative 14-19 year old students

Digitech Studio School is a unique community of learning for creative 14-19 year old students. It is designed on a small scale to give everyone access to personalised learning, where everyone is known and individual needs are met.

Digitech students are immersed in digital, creative and media technologies that give high level employability skills, experiences and national qualifications. These studies are underpinned by a core of English, Mathematics and Science, to create clear pathways to the future. Strategically structured projects with regular experience in the workplace allow students to move with technology into the future.

Digitech provides a specialised, nurturing and ambitious environment. It establishes partnerships with parents, employers and the wider community to develop our digital leaders of the future. It provides leadership opportunities for all students to demonstrate passion, pride, enterprise and endeavour as they develop pathways towards their future world of work.

Our Mission

The Digitech Way

  • We believe that all students can be successful.
  • We value learning and have high expectations of ourselves and others.
  • We underpin our high tech, creative and digital curriculum with core learning in English, maths and science.
  • Our building is a creative and productive space flooded with beautiful and impressive student work.
  • We use our time wisely focusing on deep learning rather than breadth.
  • Students produce impressive outcomes that they are proud of.
  • We invite parents, employers and members of the public to look at our work and exhibit our work in spaces beyond the school.
  • We actively develop skills for the world of work through employer engagement, experiences of work, personal coaching and careers education.
  • We encourage students to take an interest in the world around us and to empathise and support others.
  • We develop British Values through respectful behaviours, student leadership, student voice, student council and PSHE.
  • We keep each other safe.