Why Choose Us

Reasons why we are the perfect choice for you

Digitech Studio School is the perfect choice for you if you are a young coder, designer, creative, film maker or entrepreneur of the future. Explore our amazing facilities and wide range of creative courses which are perfect to kickstart your career in digital media!

We are a Unique Community

Digitech Studio School is a unique community of learning for creative 14-19 year old students. It is designed on a small scale where everyone is known and individual needs are met.

An innovative & creative place to learn & work

Digitech is an innovative and creative place for you to learn and work, enabling you to reach your full creative potential.

Modern state of the art building

Built in 2016, Digitech Studio School has a modern purpose built state of the art building, which is fantastic to learn and work in.

Amazing Facilities

Our facilities are top class, and you will be able to experience lots of industry standard equipment. From state of the art camera equipment to our own Radio station, we have everything you will need to unlock your creative potential.

High Level Employability Skills

Strategically structured projects with regular experience in the workplace allow students to move with technology into the future.

Great business and Community Links

We establish partnerships with parents, employers and the wider community to develop our digital leaders of the future as they develop pathways towards their future world of work.