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Digitech Studio School wins prestigious Envision competition

A group of 8 Year 10 students from Digitech Studio School in Bristol have won a prestigious Envision competition.

Envision works in Bristol, Birmingham and London to empower young people, who are often under-represented in the world of work, to develop the essential skills and confidence they need to succeed.

The charity partners a team of young people with Envision Programme Coordinators and a team of mentors to deliver a social action project that makes a positive change in their school or college community. This year’s business mentors were Nomensa, a digital design company based in Bristol.

Digitech students chose ‘loneliness’ as their focus, as it’s something some students had experienced themselves but also their research showed that loneliness in young people is very high. The group called themselves ‘Project Social’ and decided to stage an event where they invited all students to attend and eat cake, play games and speak to someone new. They designed a logo and created posters advertising the event and, on the day, around 40 students attended.

At the Envision final, Digitech students delivered their presentation to three other schools, business mentors and a panel of judges. They detailed their journey from identifying the issue to planning and hosting the event, discussing the challenges they faced and the skills they developed.

This marks the third consecutive win for Digitech at Envision. Previous groups focused on issues such as discrimination, mental health, and raising funds for the charity AKT, which supports young people made homeless due to being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Jane Morgan, Careers and Employability Coach at Digitech, said: “I am so proud of all our Envision students and the determination they have shown to step outside of their comfort zone and not allow fear to stop them from taking part.

“Watching their journey of growth over the 12 weeks and seeing their passion for their chosen issue is very inspiring. Winning Envision three times in a row is a testament to the amazing students we have here at Digitech.”