Course Overview

Exam Board: AQA
Qualification: GCSE Mathematics
Location: Digitech

Maths is a core subject and as such is studied by every student in years 10 and 11.  Having Higher and Foundation papers ensure that content is available to suit every students and with the help of in depth internal assessment throughout the course everyone will have the chance to make progress towards whatever grade represents success for them.

What Will I Learn?

While Mathematics is largely divided into the main aspects of Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics, the new specification of GCSE sees these areas combined and overlapping in new and interesting ways resulting in a programme of study that will challenge and engage even the most able pupils.

Expect to see traditional topics such as Trigonometry and Vectors, along with new topics that rely heavily on advancing technology and calculator techniques, such as exponential growth and decay and iteration.

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Assessment & Qualifications

The final exam will consist of three 90-minute papers, one without a calculator and two which with require a modern scientific calculator.

Career Progression

Maths is a requirement for most professional jobs, and has strong links with work in the sciences, banking and finance, retail and business to name but a few.   

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