Year 12 & 13 (Post 16) Curriculum Courses

Digitech Post 16 is a small specialist provision which has the right suite of courses and qualifications to inspire you to be part of the next generation of creative, digital and high-tech leaders. Our Post 16 offer is specialised and built around creative, digital and high-tech subjects; there are opportunities for students to follow a technical or academic route, or a blend of the two.

New for 2018: IT Pathways including

Pathway 1 – Cyber Security, Computer Networks and  Computer Systems (Hardware and Software)

Pathway 2 – Virtual and Augmented Reality, Social Media and Digital Marketing

Pathway 3 – App Design, Games Design and Mobile Technology

High Tech Pathway: A Level Maths & Computer Science + IT Diploma

Digitech Diplomas: OCR Cambridge Technical Subsidiary Diplomas (2012 Suite 100% Coursework)