Qualification: BTEC Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness

This course is a practical introduction to the sport, activity and fitness industry. You will explore the sector while you:

  • Understand the potential physiological and psychological benefits that participants can gain as a result of their engagement in sport and activity.
  • Study how technology can be used to improve activity and fitness in sport and physical activities.
  • Understand how training, nutrition and psychology can impact sporting fitness and activity.

What are the main topics I will study for this qualification?
All learners will study three mandatory topics as follows:

Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Understand the Body and the Supporting Technology for Sport and Activity The Principals of Training, Nutrition and Psychology for Sport and Activity Applying the Principals of Sport and Activity
Aim: explore body systems, common sports injuries and technological advances in the sector. Aim: explore how training, nutrition and psychological factors contribute to engagement in sport and activity. Aim: to understand the attributes of a successful sports leader and plan and lead an engaging activity session.

How will I be assessed in the subject?

Component 1 and 3 are internally assessed pieces of coursework. These pieces of coursework will take on the form of PowerPoint presentations, interviews, extended pieces of writing or practical assessments.

Component 2 is an externally assessed piece of coursework, this will take the form of a 1 hour exam, with both short and long answer questions. Students will take this exam in Year 1 of the course.


Am I suited to the BTEC Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness?

This qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to the sport, activity and fitness sector that includes a vocational and hands-on element. If you are able to work independently, in groups, research, meet deadlines, problem solve, be self-reflective and communicate confidently then this course is suited to you.