Qualification: GCSE Design and Technology

Exam Board: Eduqas

What are the main topics I will study for this qualification?

You will be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques. You will study the products we buy in the high street and investigate how they are designed, manufactured and sold.  Typical major projects might involve the production of jewellery, small furniture, clothes and aids to help the elderly or people with a disability.

The course is split into two units:

Component 1: Written Paper – Design and Technology in the 21st Century

A mix of short answer, structured and extended writing questions assessing candidates’ knowledge and understanding of:

  • technical principles
  • designing and making principles along with their ability to
  • analyse and evaluate design decisions and wider issues in design and technology


Component 2: Design and make task (Non-exam assessment)

A sustained design and make task, based on a contextual challenge set by WJEC, assessing candidates’ ability to:

  • identify, investigate and outline design possibilities
  • design and make prototypes
  • analyse and evaluate design decisions and wider issues in design and technology.

How will I be assessed in the subject?

Unit 1: Written Paper – Examination – 50%

Unit 2: Design and Making Practice – Controlled Assessment (a precise design folder which explains the problem you have chosen to look into from the research you undertake to the manufacture of a prototype or scale model of your design). – 50%

Am I suited to GCSE Design and Technology?

This course will particularly suit those students considering career paths in Engineering, Design and Technology, Interior Design, Architecture or those thinking of moving on to Apprenticeships.

What current students say about the qualification?

“Design and Technology is fun and creative. You get to choose the product you want to develop. Creating the prototypes has been great as you can see if your idea works” Year 10 GCSE Design and Technology Student.