Qualification: Cambridge National iMedia

Exam Board: OCR

What are the main topics I will study for this qualification?

You will study a total of four units covering pre-production and planning, creating digital graphics, digital photography and creating a digital video sequence.

How will I be assessed in the subject?

Most of the qualifcation is tested by coursework that’s set and marked by your teacher. This will be done throughout the two-year course. So if you like project work, enjoy research and doing practical things they may find a Cambridge National a better option than a GCSE.

One of the units that students must take – on pre-production skills – involves a written exam that lasts one hour and 15 minutes and is set and marked by the exam board.

Am I suited to BTEC Media?

Film, making, still photography and digital graphics form the core of this qualification so a keen interest in these areas are a must. If you like working on practical creative projects this qualification is for you. You must be prepared to work hard and collaborate in teams, as well as working on your own projects. Using technology goes hand in hand with creating digital media products. You don’t need to have any previous experience, however patience and a willingness to learn through hands on practical activities is a must.

What current students say about the qualification?

In our first lesson we started using Photoshop and merged together two peoples faces using some of the advanced tools– it was really fun!” – Year 10 Student.