Qualification: GCSE Graphics

Exam Board: WJEC

What are the main topics I will study for this qualification?

A large part of the course is a practical investigation into the techniques and materials used in the advertising and packaging we see around us every day. You will develop skills in drawing, both, free hand and using computer aided design; model making, printing techniques, logo designing, greetings card and popup book design, and build up skills to design DVD covers, labels, and posters. Students work to their strengths and follow a skills based program of study in year 10 and use this experience to produce personal projects in year 11.

How will I be assessed in the subject?

Students will complete a major project and portfolio developed in response to a subject, theme, task or brief evidencing the journey from initial engagement with an idea(s) to the realisation of intentions. Previous projects have included; creating a popup book; producing promotional material for the Olympics; designing the identity and packaging for a new band, and making a travel game for children.

Externally set assignment by the Exam board provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate, through an extended creative response, their ability to draw together different areas of knowledge, skills and/or understanding in response to their selected starting point.

Am I suited to GCSE Graphics?

If you are interested in the world of advertising; like developing logos and posters; have an interest in the covers of DVDs, books, and games, and really enjoy making products, then this is the course for you.

What current students say about the qualification?

“Graphics lets me experience designing products that I see all the time. I love being creative and so this is perfect for me” Year 11 GCSE Graphics Student.