Results Days:
Post 16 – Thursday 16th August 9am-11am
Year 11 – Thursday 23rd August 9am-11am

Enrolment Days:
Friday 24th August 9am-2pm at Digitech and John Cabot Academy
Tuesday 28th August 9am-2pm at Digitech

Inset Day: Monday 3rd September 2018
Students Return on Tuesday 4th September 2018
Year 10 and Year 11 arrive at 8.30am
Post 16 arrive at 11.30am

Students at Digitech Studio School do not wear uniform, as we believe that this best suits the ethos and culture of the school.

Our dress code reflects our core purpose of preparing students for further education or employment with training in the creative digital and high tech sectors where the dress code is much more casual.

We reserve the right to challenge students on their dress and expect full cooperation from parents and carers if we deem that a student is not dressed appropriately for an educational environment.

There are some NO’s

  • NO coats/ gillettes in the building – these must be removed when you enter the building, hung up or put in a bag
  • NO hats or hoods to be worn in the building
  • NO slogans or large logos
  • NO ripped jeans
  • NO low cut jeans/ underwear on show
  • NO strappy or low cut tops
  • NO crop/ belly tops
  • NO thin leggings
  • NO thighs showing – shorts and skirts need to be knee length
  • NO flip flops or sandals

Students are expected to wear Digitech PE kit for all PE lessons.

NB: This is an external link which may change

Students who are inappropriately dressed will work in isolation until suitably dressed. The school reserves the right to make this decision.

Students on work experience need to adhere to the company’s dress code.

Students who might traditionally receive a bursary for school uniform can still apply for this. Please contact Emma Robertson or on 07710 716533.