Results Days:
Post 16 – Thursday 16th August 9am-11am
Year 11 – Thursday 23rd August 9am-11am

Enrolment Days:
Friday 24th August 9am-2pm at Digitech and John Cabot Academy
Tuesday 28th August 9am-2pm at Digitech

Inset Day: Monday 3rd September 2018
Students Return on Tuesday 4th September 2018
Year 10 and Year 11 arrive at 8.30am
Post 16 arrive at 11.30am

PrefectsDigitech Studio School appoints a number of prefects each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the school, both during the school day and extra-curricular events.

This is a perfect role for students in year 10 and year 11 who want take on extra responsibility, extend their experience and provide themselves with opportunities which will support their applications to college and university and to work.

The prefect structure is as follows:

Head Boy

Head Girl


Deputy Head Boy


Deputy Head Girl

6 Senior Prefects (Year 11)

6 Junior Prefects (Year 10)

Prefect Responsibilities

  • Be a role model to which your peers can aspire to.
  • Model the high standards of academic effort, politeness, courtesy, business dress, attendance, punctuality and CREATE skills that Digitech embeds.
  • Carry out regular duties as required to the highest standard.
  • Be committed to attending meetings at lunchtime and after school in order better Digitech.
  • Work as part of a cohesive team to improve the experience of all those involved at Digitech.
  • Ensure prefect badges are visible at all times.

Prefect Roles

  • Prepare, organise and edit year 11 leaver’s memorabilia.
  • Contribute to the suggestion and organisation of the Christmas Reward trip, end of year reward trip and Year 11 leaver’s function.
  • Support assigned year 10 students when requested.
  • Support staff with open evenings, parent’s evenings and conferences.
  • Organise and administer potential fund raising activities for charities and Digitech.
  • Assist in the organisation and delivery of select assemblies.
  • Assist in the tours of the building for prospective students and staff.
  • Take an active role in ensuring that all pupils can feel safe at break and lunchtimes and report and inappropriate behaviour to staff.
  • Complete duties as set out in the prefect rota before, during and after school (Student will only be expected to carry these duties out between the hours of 08:15 and 15:45).
  • Assist the planning and delivery of house competitions.

Prefects who fail to complete their roles and responsibilities will have a disciplinary meeting with SLT and may have their status removed. 

The head girl and head boy will lead the prefect body to provide a positive and rewarding experience for all. They will possess high leadership and communication qualities and will therefore be the primary contact for staff to liaise with. It is then their responsibility to relay the information to the rest of the prefects when necessary.

Prefects may receive preference for leaving lessons first directly before break and lunch to ensure they can obtain food and then complete their duties.

Successful school prefects will receive certification of their status upon leaving Digitech in year 11.