The Post 16 provision at Digitech offers any prospective student the opportunity to study, develop and grow in an environment that is truly different.

Digitech Post 16 has the right suite of courses and qualifications to inspire you to be part of the next generation of creative, digital and high-tech leaders.


With this in mind, our Post 16 offer is specialised and built around creative, digital and high-tech subjects; there are opportunities for students to follow a vocational or academic route, or a blend of the two. Our Level 3 courses include a core range of A Levels, Vocational qualifications and the extended project qualification in cyber security. Our offer is designed to prepare our students for progress to university, further training or employment having gained relevant and appropriate digital sector skills and qualifications.

Other than the exam courses on offer, Digitech provides a formal Information Advice and Guidance programme, which helps prepare P16 students for the next steps, be it University or a higher-level apprenticeship.  There is also a re-sit programme for students who have not met the floor targets in GCSE English and Mathematics at their previous school.

Additionally, we encourage our P16 students to undertake regular and meaningful work experience that is in line with their career aspirations. This will give our students the necessary edge, again when applying for the next stage of their academic or working life.

All teaching is delivered by specialist teachers within our state of the art building with its outstanding facilities.

This ethos of progression, coupled with a program of personal coaching and mentoring for our post-16 students results in students who are equipped to meet their life goals. Digitech Studio School works collaboratively with the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) Post 16, and our students can also access CLF A level courses and Post 16 Enrichment.

Entry requirements for each course at Digitech are dependent on a number of factors that are discussed at interview.

Diplomas in Business or IT

4’s in English and maths and 3C’s in relevant subject areas, or a demonstrable level 3 skill set for IT.    

Diplomas in Media or Art and Design

4 in English and 3C’s in relevant subjects for all other specialist courses or a demonstrable level 3 skill set for the arts.   

A level maths and computer science is taught at Digitech, students can access other CLF post 16 courses or one of our diplomas to compliment these courses. 

 5 in maths  in relevant subjects

Guided Learning Hours

The Digitech Post 16 curriculum offers the full guided learning hours for all of our programmes.  All students are expected to be full time, studying a minimum of 540 guided learning hours per year.  This learning programme will consist of a range of experiences, made up of the lesson delivery for their chosen subjects, mentoring sessions, welfare and guidance assemblies and WEX.  Details for many of these elements can be found on this website.

In some individual cases, due to our commitment to personalised student support, Digitech Post 16 may support students that decide to continue to study into a third year (Yr. 14). This decision will be made after a focussed guidance meeting, and is considered as an option that will allow students reach their full potential and complete their chosen programme of study

For more information please get in touch to arrange a visit.


The boomsatsuma programme is a brand new approach to post-16 study where students work as a creative agency producing real-world projects involving Film, Graphics, Photography, Web Design, Events and more.

As part of the new creative agency studying the boomsatsuma programme, you will develop a wide range of creative skills and put them into practice on real-world, engaging projects. Teams that have completed the programme before have earned recognition across the South West for being an enthusiastic, forward-thinking and successful group of young people that have worked on a variety of projects with organisations such as boomsatsuma, City Council, UWE, Royal Photographic Society and many more in the area. An independent style of working with real responsibility is a big part of the programme, which aims to better prepare students for their progression route choice; whether that be university, an apprenticeship or the workplace. By the end of the programme, students will have developed a diverse portfolio of creative work including Film, Photography, Graphics, Web Design and more that they can use to demonstrate their skills to future employers and educational institutions.


Students from the boomsatsuma programme have progressed onto a wide range of exciting options that suit their passions and preferred ways of working. Many students successfully gained places to study a variety of undergraduate degrees at UWE Bristol, Bath Spa, London Metropolitan and other universities. Some went on to further extend their creative practice on foundation art programmes at SGS, Weston College and others colleges. Others progressed onto higher apprenticeship programme in order to get into the workplace while training. Some students use their post-16 education diagnostically in order to find where their passions lie and go in any number of different directions after completing the course, using their essential project management and people skills to push them forward.